A parable of patience

A parable of patience
Once there was a farmer, who bought a baby apple tree. He lovingly put it in the ground watered it and fed it with good things and the tree settled down and was growing nicely. But then one night there was a mighty storm, the little tree survived as it had firmly established its roots, but on one of the branches there was a split and almost came off. In the morning the farmer came out to survey the damage hoping his new tree had survived, and great joy filled his heart when he saw that it had but he was saddened to see it so damaged
Now the farmer had to choices he could either cut it down or burn it, or he could lovingly care for it and make it better and make it strong. The farmer was a kind and patient man so he got some sealing tape and bound the split up and then he got a stake and put it in the ground next to it and tied the tree to the stake for stability. Now the tree had been planted from a good strong seed so the farmer was happy to know that it would mend and grow strong again.
Over the next week the farmer continued to care for it until the split grew out and started to grow again and over the next 5 years the tree grew in strength as the gentle breeze swayed its branches and made the bark strong and a gentle rain fell and nourished the tree and grew big and strong
At harvest time the farmer came out to pick the fruit of his labour and the tree had produced some truly stunning fruit, the farmer’s young son was with him, and he gave his son an apple. The apple was good to eat and the boy was very happy.
“Daddy can we plant one of the apple seeds and see if it will grow”
“Yes of course my son” and that very day they planted the seed. And as the boy grew so did he tree and finally after many years that tiny seed grew into another apple tree and bore much fruit for the son who take over the farm from his father and so life goes on

Precious Jesus

Jesus my lord you are so precious to me.
Jesus my lord you are so good to me.
You keep me safe both night and day.
And keeps me on the narrow way.
I will always trust in you my lord

I love you because you first loved me
So much so you died on the tree.
There was no other way but Calvary
You gave your all dear lord for me.
So I to you will give my all

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