The price has been paid, POEM by Julie Clark

The price has been paid, POEM by Julie Clark.



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Who is more important

Three workers from bible times
Met together in a lane
A fisherman, baker and wine maker
And argument broke out at once

Each one thought that they were the best
And more important as the rest
Then a man came along that was known to be wise
And asked them what they were arguing about

They all spoke at once
And tried to compete
But the man was having none of it
And asked just one man to speak

The baker went first
“I’m the most important
Because I make the daily bread
And things to make a treat

Then came the wine maker
I’m most important
Because I make men merry
And help them celebrate great times

Finally the fishermen spoke up
I’m most important
I fish all night to bring good food
For breakfast in the morning light

The man called Jesus thought for a while
My precious friends I need you all
None are more important in my eyes
I need your wares together now

They looked at him with a puzzled look
And silence fell upon the group
Then Jesus took the center stage
And cleared up this awful mess

” I’m going to need some bread and wine”
” I need five loaves and fish to feed a crowd ”
” I need some wine for an important supper”
” You see I need you all ”

A lesson true was learned that day
We each have a different gift
God puts us together bring forth his word
And we cannot do it alone

So work together my precious friend
Be humble not raised up in pride
We all are important in Gods eyes
No matter what our gifts may be


Does anyone know my Jesus

Does any one know about my lord?
Does any one know what pain he endured?
On that awful Calvary
Does any one know why he died for me?

He died because he loved us so.
He died to set us free from sin.
He gave up his glory in heaven above
To come to this sinful world below.

But now he has risen from the dead
And the church now has him at the head
He still would heal the sick the blind
If we would only trust in him

Trust in his redeeming blood.
Take his body and his love.
Take his precious holy spirit
Into our hearts and become one.

One in body one in mind
One in truth and love and joy
And when before his throne we stand
We will take this Promised Land

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