amen powerful words



Silver arrows fly from the Holy Throne

Every target always in sight

True visions of so many human lives

Seen as in a shallow pool of crystal clean water,

Clear visions of many minds

Thoughts in stress, pull and tug,

All race to his or her final goal.

Who has the courage to stand firm till the end

Who will acknowledge the only eternal Truth

Words of the Spirit

Living Words of our Lord

Boldly spoken, in the very face of Lucifer!

Satan, most powerful overlord of the Earth

Prince of darkness

Champion of every lust

Father of every lie,

Leader of every dark path of death

That finally plunges into the “Lake of Fire”.

Eternal destiny awaits those who rebel

All selfish doubters

Any and all who refuse to believe in the Savior, God’s Son,

Stubborn ones who embrace fear

And reject the only Source of…

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