Peter’s story

Beside the sea of Galilee
My Jesus walks with me
He shows me what my life should be
And The spirit sets me free

He’s promised never to leave me
But be my constant guide
To comfort me in times of trouble
And to celebrate in His victory

I walked with him for three whole years
And saw amazing things
Miricales and teaching
That totally blew my mind

Then suddenly he changed his tune
And talked about His death
No Lord I said that cant be true
If not I will stand always true to you

One night we went to the Passover feast
And he said the strangest thing
This is may body which is broken for you
Eat of it and you will live

Some one will deny me Three time
Before the cockrel crows
I would never do such thing
Oh lord it cant be me

The night kept getting darker
And He led us out to pray
We tried to stay awake and pray
But our flesh was weak from sorrow

Then Judas came with a mass of troops
And kissed my masters face
Then fear at last took a total hold
And all of us disciples fled

I followed at a distance
To the place they took him to
I huddled by the fire for warmth
And my heart was cold as cold

Then my deepest dread came true
And the people questioned me
You are his friend you walked with him
No No you are so wrong

Three times I stood to deny my Lord
And then the cockerall crowd
And suddenly Jesus’s words came back
And sadness pierced my heart

They took him away and beat up
Mocked him and put him on trial
We all were watching in the crowd
When they cried out to have him die

The lonely walk to the hill of death
Was the longest I’d ever watched
My heart was filled with grief and pain
But Mary Jesus mother who can feel the grip of pain
That must have been there that day

They nailed him to a cross of shame
And he hug there all alone
The people jeered and called him King
But all he said was “father forgive”

He said to me behold your mum
And peter your precious son
The world turned black as the Saviour died
And peoples hearts were filled with fear

We buried him in a strangers tomb
And left to share and grieve and pray
Three days he lay there and so we thought
This was the end that death had won

But as His mum went to the tomb
She met a man who said do not fear
He’s not here for he has risen
Now tell the good news to all his friends

We were gathered in a tiny room
The doors were locked and we were in fear
Then all of a sudden Jesus was there
Showing us all his hands, his feet
And finally Thomas believed

Then one day he appeared to me
Again by the sea of Galilee
He said to me Peter do you love me
And three times I told him I did

If you love me feed my sheep
you are a rock and on your life
I will build my church once more
And forever they will be free

So this is my story I can tell
Of a God of the second chance
A Saviour love mercy and grace
Of healing forgiveness and Love

So what will you do with the story I told
My Jesus is calling to you
He’s coming to lead you by the hand
And set your life for ever free

At last in heaven face to face
We will see the King of King
Worship and bow down at his feet
And join his angels in ceaseless praise

what are you searching for

we are all searching
for something real
A long lost friend
or an item of treasured cost

we search through many things
distractions on the way
but the searching stays strong
until it has an end

until the burden is lifted
we search with all our might
and we never give up the fight
until we find what we seek

some seek money, wealth or fame
some seek love, but find only pain
some seek Jesus and his love
a love that is strong and will never depart

what are you searching for today my friend
dont give up the fight right now
For you will find it in the end
if you will never quit

kneeling before the cross of Christ

Kneeling before the cross of Christ
My heart cries out tonight
For all the sick and sorrowing
The lost, the lonely, the scared

I see his mother standing too
Beneath this cruel dark cross
No mind could fully comprehend
The grief she felt that night

The soldiers mocking on the ground
The people jeering in the crowd
The disciples confused and feeling let down
Not seeing beyond the cross

A lonely tomb, they buried him
And the solders thought they had won
They had stopped the fret on the empire
But then the third day drew near

I see before me an empty tomb
And Jesus is standing here
I see the nail prints in his hands
I see the nail prints in his feet

And now I see the victory
Of new and resurrections life
I see the love within his eyes
And I feel his loving touch

This Easter time as we celebrate
With chocolate, buns and sweets
Please look to the cross where he died for you
It will surly change your life

Jesus calms the storm

There were some fishermen

Fishing on the lake

Their hearts were in fear

For the coming storm

The wind blew strong

And the rain lashed down

Their minds were in panic

They just wanted their homes

But then they remembered Jesus

They went at once to seek him out

Sleeping in the bottom quarters

At peace and unaware

The fisherman at once cried out

Saviour don’t you care

We are fearing for our lives

You know that we will drown

Jesus rose up and looked at the storm

And with a mighty voice

Cried out oh storm you will cease

And instantly the storm was gone

Laughing and joking the disciples

Were in for a bit of a shock

For Jesus turned round with a frown

And said why are you afraid  do you still have no faith

Their hearts were challenged to the core

This man controls the wind and rain

Their hearts will filled with awe

And their faith that day must have grown

Are you in a storm right now, this day

Are you fearing for your very life

Then that Jesus all Powerful One

Can calm the storm in you

The new jerusalem

Behold the new Jerusalem
For the time is drawing near
It’s time to unite the body
It’s time to unite in prayer

The dry bones are responding
To the spirits mighty voice
The healing of the nations
Is but a whisper away

I’m coming with a mighty sword
My truth and justice bring
Among my holy nation
My soldiours stand prepared

Unite my children unite as one
Cease with lies and strife
Set you eyes upon the cross
Set your eyes on my love

For there is no other way
To bring my kingdom in
Send my light throughout this world
And let my glory shine

Be Bold

be bold in the eye of the storm
Be bold like the lion roaring in the night
be bold and see your salvation
be bold and share Gods love
be bold and walk in faith
be bold and walk in love
be bold and walk in peace and joy
be bold for Christ lives in you

Be still in the presence of Jesus

Be still in the presence of Jesus

Be still and enter his rest

Give him your worries, sorrows and strife

And he will give you his peace

Resting in the arms of Jesus

He is renewing your strength

Guiding your footstep in the way to go

So rest my dear child just rest

Listen to Jesus deep in your heart

You’ll find the answer you seek

Trust him, obey him and follow his will

And Jesus will show you the way

Be filled with the spirit of Jesus

Let it wash over your sin

Trust him to take it then leave it with him

Be still in God’s presence, be still

Be still in the presence of Jesus

Be still and enter his rest

Kneel down and worship the king of all kings

Be still in gods presence be still

Be still in the glory of Jesus

Be still and feel his great

Drink in forgiveness as you kneel at his feet

Be still in the glory of Christ

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