Lord I sit here today.
In silence and calm.
Let my mind focus on you.
Let me praise you oh king.
Let me worship you Lord.
Let me surrender to you.
All that I am.

I surrender my day.
To your perfect will.
I surrender my heart.
With its hopes and fears.
I surrender my mind.
With its thoughts and dreams.
I surrender my body.

prayer and answers

Oh Father God
Hear my prayer
The night is closing in
And I cannot see the light

I cannot see the way ahead
with all its twists and turns
With all the rocks and stones around
Im scred to stumble, scared to fall

This world has inflicted me with pain
Im close to breaking point
And i know im going to fall
Upon these many rocks and stones

The thoughts and attitudes of this world
Inflicted wounds so deep
I cant feel your love, I cant feel your peace
And my strenth is nearly gone

My life is like a filthy rag
So stained with sin and pain
How can you love me as i am
I just do not understand

But I am willing oh my Lord
To open my life to you
To walk the road you have set before me
And trust in you alone

I will catch you when you fall
I will love you through it all
I will hold you through the night
Into the morning light

I will heal the wounds you bare
Inflected by a world that doesnt care
I will always hold you hand
On the way that you will walk

My peace and love you will always know
My joy will be your strength
I will always bring you through
Into the morning light

A new thing im doing in your lives
New thoughts and attitudes
New robes of rightousness I will bring
To every willing, open heart

See i am healing you
Making you whole
Covering you with precious jewels
Im so very proud of you

praise the creator

Father God creator of the universe
Awesome is your name oh Lord
You but breathed and plants
Were created and given life
You created the earth that was without form
Just pure water from north to east
Again you spoke and your mastering voice
And the great creation began
The moon and the stars the sea and the land
The birds and the trees, animals and plants
All praise to you almighty God
Creator of the universe
These words of these must ceaseless flow
Till all the earth your love they know

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