healing music

mind blowing healing music


All I want is a little respect

I am not stupid as you suspect

I don’t need the whispers I don’t need the stares

As if to say we really don’t care


I am a normal human being

And all of my life I’ve hearing and seeing

Your reactions to the sight of my chair

And me the person it has to bare


I feel, I love the same as you

I need to be loved my someone too

So come and say hi oh please please do

Because I am only human too


Just because I have this chair

Still at night I cook my meals

I take the hand that my life may hold

So to this chair I put this seal


Of approval not of hate

And now at last I have found my Kate

I always knew it was never too late

For me a loving wife to take


So remember me when you see a chair

And take the time to really care

There is so much to give, so much to share

With a man in the corner in a wheel chair



vision of Jesus


Sitting on the beach watching the sun come up and glistening on the water,

I think of YOU and see YOU coming to me, stretching your hand, saying “my daughter”.

I walk toward You following the bright and shimmering wave,

YOU hold me close and say “there’s nothing holding you back now, be brave”.


YOU tell me that I can do anything through you,

Just keep my eyes on you and you would tell me what I need to do,

As I stand there in the middle of the sea,

looking at everything around me.

I realise that it was I who walked towards you and met you half way,

I walked on water just looking at your out stretched hand knowing I will make it come what may.


You make me new

I have walked around this room not knowing what I should hold,

I saw boxes, gift bags and odd things new and old.

I found this card with the picture of a meadow,

This reminded me of the field when I looked out of my bedroom window.

“For HE satisfies the longing soul”…

this comforts me as I know I am your foal,

“Fills the hungry should with Goodness”,

my heart dear Lord is now full of gladness.

I am free to do your work and serve you,

It’s like a new day has dawned, I feel so fresh and so new

                                          by Jojo Stanley

A poem by Jojo Stanley


I wake up at dawn,

I look out my window, take a deep breath and see a beautiful morn.

Blessed Jesus, I love you with all my heart,

From me I wish you will never depart.



You have brought me through so much hurt and pain,

This freedom and love for life, I thought I would never regain.



There was a time only sadness and doubts filled my head,

now I am just filled with love and things of You instead.



So many times when I felt weak,

I know that it was you that I need to seek.

You fill me with such hope and great joy,

I could shout it from the roof top…boy oh boy.



I have poured out my heart for you to fill,

With love and compassion, oh what a thrill.

I trust in your word,

and it gives me focus and makes me feel so good.




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