The storm

The sky was blue
The sun was bright
There was not a cloud
To spoil the view

Then all at once
Frisky clouds appeared
That slowly grew
And joined as one
The breeze Got up
And the clouds got darker
And the world is waiting
For the coming storm

Then all at once
The storm arrives
With drops of rain
Falling gentle at first
But then the skys open
And the lightning comes
And the thunder rolls
Around a lonely town

Some people shelter
From the coming storm
But some people embrace it
Loving its power, and cleansing balm
Then after a while
The storm calms down
Leaving behind it
A fresh clean earth

Sometimes in life, we have a storm
And the air is cleansed and cleared
There’s no need to fear the coming storm
Its time to embrace it, its time to move on

The sun will come
After the rain and storm
And God will restore you
From where you have been
And when he does
Its sweeter than before

Like the fresh clean smell
When the storm has gone
So do not fear
The storm in your life

New healing and strength will come
When the storm has run its course
The son will shine upon your life
Make you fresh and whole
Fill you with love and joy again
You will look back and see
Jesus has carried you through


Who is more important

Three workers from bible times
Met together in a lane
A fisherman, baker and wine maker
And argument broke out at once

Each one thought that they were the best
And more important as the rest
Then a man came along that was known to be wise
And asked them what they were arguing about

They all spoke at once
And tried to compete
But the man was having none of it
And asked just one man to speak

The baker went first
“I’m the most important
Because I make the daily bread
And things to make a treat

Then came the wine maker
I’m most important
Because I make men merry
And help them celebrate great times

Finally the fishermen spoke up
I’m most important
I fish all night to bring good food
For breakfast in the morning light

The man called Jesus thought for a while
My precious friends I need you all
None are more important in my eyes
I need your wares together now

They looked at him with a puzzled look
And silence fell upon the group
Then Jesus took the center stage
And cleared up this awful mess

” I’m going to need some bread and wine”
” I need five loaves and fish to feed a crowd ”
” I need some wine for an important supper”
” You see I need you all ”

A lesson true was learned that day
We each have a different gift
God puts us together bring forth his word
And we cannot do it alone

So work together my precious friend
Be humble not raised up in pride
We all are important in Gods eyes
No matter what our gifts may be


Be still in Gods presence

Be still in the presence of Jesus

Be still and enter his rest

Give him your worries, sorrows and strife

And he will give you his peace


Resting in the arms of Jesus

He is renewing your strength

Guiding your footstep in the way to go

So rest my dear child just rest


Listen to Jesus deep in your heart

You’ll find the answer you seek

Trust him, obey him and follow his will

And Jesus will show you the way


Be filled with the spirit of Jesus

Let it wash over your sin

Trust him to take it then leave it with him

Be still in God’s presence, be still


Be still in the presence of Jesus

Be still and enter his rest

Kneel down and worship the king of all kings

Be still in gods presence be still


Be still in the glory of Jesus

Be still and feel his great

Drink in forgiveness as you kneel at his feet

Be still in the glory of Christ 

I give you this day

Father God I give you this day 
With all its challenge and desire 
Lord bring me through with your mighty power 
Lord lead me through with a gentle wind 

Be behind me gentle saviour 
Blocking out my failures past 
Be before, me bring gentle leading 
Guide me with your strong right hand 

Let me live in the truth of your spirit 
Not fulfilling the lusts of the spirit 
Let me live a pure life 
Let my light shine for you 

Be my vision at the start of the day 
Be my strength through every weary mile 
Be my guide through the twists and turns 
Then be my peace at the close of the day

daily surrender

I will daily lift my life
Before a great and mighty King
Who from a time before the world 
Was planning my purpose out for him 

We are like a puzzle piece
Each peace is important as you know 
We each have our own part to play 
And his purposes to fulfil

Witout the Lord
we are empty inside
Like a jigsaw missing the final piece 
Without Jesus we are not complete 

Each of us has a purpose 
Created solely for God 
He planned it from the begining of time 
And it will end when Jesus comes again 

We need to seek him daily 
And give everything to him 
By doing this we see the liight 
Of who we are in Christ

A word to the church

My presence is there in the praises of my people

MY presence is there when my children pray

My fullness is there when lives are submitted

My leading is there when you draw near


My face will shine in the midst of the darkness

My hand shall guide you always

My eyes shall look upon my people

My ears will hear their every prayer


My power will fall upon the church

I will lead you forward In power and might

Touch that heart that was closed from me

And I will show you how to show my love


I will open there eyes to see the truth

I will open their heart to receive my love

I will open their ears to hear the good news

I will open their mouths so my word will go fourth


Praise releases the fathers love

Praise lifts your heart up to my throne

Praise begins when a heart is true

And the mind is focused on me

I will through you plant my tree

When all my people bend their knee


Words mean little without my power

Actions mean little without my love

Praise means little without your heart

Prayer  means little without your faith

Waiting for the King

There’s a stillness In the mountains

There’s a calm across the sea

There’s a peace around the valleys

As creation waits expectantly


We’re waiting for our saviour

With saving grace and favour

To come and take us home to thee,

When we have won, the victory


Our eyes will lift to the sky above

And the trumpet blast will sound

We shall arise in a flick of the eye

As on a white horse our saviour will ride


The world will see he is the King

The creator of the earth

He has come again

New birth to bring 


The final shout. The final call

Will shake the heavens to the core

The mountains high will quake and fall

A sight never seen or heard before


But we his people will have no fear

For we are, his children dear

And the bible tells us clear

Our saviours return is ever near


So tell me are you ready

To meet him in the sky

To give him all the glory

And live an eternity


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